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Ukrainian driving set – with driver’s license “Boris Johnson”

Boris Johnson did not bow to the Dutch police.

The trip ended after the Ukrainian man crashed into a pole in the Netherlands.

When the police asked for a driver’s license, they had to rub their eyes – the man didn’t look like the one in the photo.

They also could not believe that his name was Boris Johnson, he was 58 years old and he was the former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

On Sunday, Dutch police discovered an unexpected fake leg.

This is after a 35-year-old Ukrainian man – after a few units of alcohol – got behind the wheel and crashed into a pole in the Netherlands.

In a panic, the man is said to have fled to Emmabron in the city of Groningen to hide from the police – but he didn’t get away so easily.

Police found the man on the bridge and suspected him of drunk driving, whereupon he was arrested.

– Police spokesman Thejs Damstra said the person could not identify himself and refused to take a breathalyzer test. Watchman.

The real Boris Johnson.
The real Boris Johnson.

The driver’s license expired in the year 3000

To piece together the mystery of the man’s identity, the wrecked car was searched. And here the police had to ask themselves the question: Could it be the British Boris Johnson we arrested?

Obviously, the answer was no.

Instead, a fake driver’s license “belonging” to the former Prime Minister of Great Britain was found.

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On his shiny but fake driver’s license stood a happy Boris Johnson in a tie and jacket. Even the date of birth coincided with the birthday of the former leader of the Conservative Party.

But the police stated that it was the protruding details that made them suspect a problem. The “Driver’s License” was issued in 2019 and will be valid until the end of the year 3000.

– As far as I know, the real Mr. Boris Johnson was not in the Netherlands at the time, says police spokesman Damstra.