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Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on front-line battles: “The situation is difficult”

A high-ranking police officer working on the evacuations from Vovtyansk testified to Agence France-Presse about the massive destruction.

The city is under constant bombardment, according to the police.

– Everything was destroyed. You hear continuous explosions, artillery shelling, and shells. The enemy is attacking the city with everything they have.

Many of the people now forced to flee are elderly.

– We didn't want to leave. A person's home is their home, says 72-year-old Lyuda Zielinskaja, standing and hugging her trembling cat Zyura at an evacuation center near the front line.

Several killed

The police reported that many of them were killed as a result of the bombing and under the rubble of destroyed homes. In the past 24 hours, 32 drone attacks have reportedly been directed at Vovtyansk.