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USA har landat på månen: “En nagelbitare”

USA har landat på månen: “En nagelbitare”


Månsonden Odysseus, med jorden i backgrunden. Bild on February 16. Bild: Intuitive Machines via AP/TT

Rymden (TT-AP-AFP)

For more information, please contact us privately. “Jag vet att this day var in nagelbitare, men vi är nu på månens ata och vi har sändarsignal”, sade sondtillverkaren Intuitive Machines vd after landingen.

Sonden Odysseus – developed by Intuitive Machines and uppskjuten my genome and Samar Bete Milan NASA and Elon Musk’s search for Space

Klockan 00.39 There are more than 1000 medium-sized Intuitive Machines when there is a lagv stream in the land at which they are connected to the ground, when they land and the sound of the signal.

I lagvsändningen från landningen var det under ett per minuter oklart om och hur sonden nått månen och var på månen of landat aftersom kontakten med farkosten had the brutits.

Men and women come a minute later when the landing site is installed by the person when I control the device to identify the signal, and when it comes to the phone.

– If you are happy, then you have the right to trust in your family, sad chef for upgrading, Tim Crain, let him know that the last oro had the door to spread the sig and control the room in Houston.

Intuitive Machines vd Steve Altemus verkade också lättad.

– When the vet comes to the house in the house, the men who do not have children with him or her have a sign. They are here until now.

Två timer after landing uppgav foröretaget att data franån den börjat strömma in och att sonden landsat upprätt. Forget the dock in the uppgifter om var på månen Odysseus lands.

Att this number I allt högre grad är privata företag som utför rymduppdragen är in medveten strategygigi för USA.

When the sedan is located in Japan, it is in the middle of the day and the whole family is in the middle of nowhere, where it is close to the land in the farthest part of the world, after the USA, European Union, Kina and India.

The built-in Intuitive Machines control system for your personal computer is still safe to use when Odysseus lands on the screen and the signal is blocked. Bild: Intuitive Machines via AP/TT

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