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Wójtowo. Utrudniena na DK 16

Vajdovo. Difficulties in DK 16. What happened there? [ZDJĘCIA]

Author: KMP Olstein
Vajdovo. Prohibition on National Road No. 16.

Difficulties at National Road No. 16 at the junction with the village of Wajdovo (Warmion-Mussoorie Voidoship). This information was provided by the Municipal Police Headquarters in Allstein. According to early findings of the service, the Mercedes driver did not pay proper attention and went to the back of the Mercedes.

The Municipal Police Headquarters in Allstein reports obstructions on National Road No. 16 at the intersection of the village of Wajtowo in Allstein Bowiat. Preliminary findings from officers working at the scene show that the 67-year-old Volkswagen driver was not following proper care and ran into the back of a Mercedes. Fortunately, according to the police, no one was admitted to the hospital. Uniforms ask you to drive carefully. The afternoon weekend communications summit is ahead of us.

Carambola in inwinoujście

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