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Video: Great white shark caught with a large sting near an island in Mexico

Experts suspect that the large bite received by the shark, which is about four meters long, was a mating scar.

Los Angeles, Jan. 1 (RT). – The Photographer and director Jalil Najaf Recently caught huge female white shark with Big bite mark ring along its side. The photos, which have been shared on Instagram, were taken while snorkeling near Mexican island of Guadalupe.

“On rare occasions during the mating season among sharks, ‘mating scars’ appear on the females’ bodies due to the males clinging to them,” Najfouf explained. In this case, he added, “the scars are often deeper cuts and punctures, indicating a stronger impulse, such as forced mating by the male.”

However, experts with whom the photographer spoke doubt that the large sting received by the shark, which is about four meters long, was a mating scar.

“I would probably rule out mating because of the positioning. The wound appears to have healed completely, and while the mating scars can be unsightly, they are more superficial than that,” said Tristan Gottridge, ecologist and program host. The shape of the wound seemed to me to indicate a bite from Another shark. Shark Week from Discovery. Meanwhile, Michael Dommer, another channel presenter and director of the Marine Conservation Science Institute, said he was “sure it’s competitive aggression.”

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