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Video. he is here! Mictlan Gameplay First Trailer

No date is not met and Meta Studios Presented her first official trailer of Play Mexican open world video game,”Mictelan: An Ancient Legendary Tale“.

“Mictlan will become the first open-world action-adventure video game set in the 16th century with a Mesoamerican theme,” the Meta Studios team presented the first trailer for the game.

set in area Tlaxcala From October 6, 1519, the first images of the conflict appeared between the pre-Hispanic cultures of Central America and the Spanish, who arrived with the goal of annexing the new territory to the Spanish crown.

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“They burned everything! Those bastards burned everything! So many died. These bastards, I pray to find someone still alive,” the first sounds of “Mictlan” are heard in Nahuatl.

“Cursed savages…God is with us, but I fear you,” is the reaction of Spanish soldiers when they find a culture they weren’t aware of.

The work sequence is the first since the project was created by Guillermo Alarcon; A little glimpse of what’s coming, because at the same time they announced that the official teaser for the video game will be presented in 2022. And as if that were not enough, the main characters of the movie “Mictelan” will appear in the year 2025.

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There are still more surprises for this title that cause great expectations and gather more talents as well as actors Echel Bautista, Horacio Rojas, and Gerardo Amaya; NS Carlos CortesAnd Oscar winner for Best Sound in “Sound of Metal”.

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after giving “Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale” en la San Diego Comic ConThe Meta Studios team is preparing for their next fundraising campaign. “Let’s not only have the resources, but the talent and availability to create the largest video game ever developed in Latin America,” said creator Guillermo Alarcón.