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We will not allow Ukraine to fall

Updated 15.50 | Posted on 11.26

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.  Archive photo.

We stand with you, as Ukraine's allies promised at another military support meeting in Ramstein, Germany. The host country promised to provide additional aid worth half a billion euros.

Despite the disagreement in Congress, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warns that Ukraine will not be abandoned.

Civilians in Ukraine are exposed to a constant barrage of Russian missiles and Iranian drones. But Ukraine will not back down, and neither will the United States. The United States will not allow Ukraine to fail, Austin says in his opening remarks to defense ministers of the so-called Ukraine Defense Contact Group.

The ministers represent about 50 countries and are meeting on Tuesday in Ramstein, Germany, for the 20th support meeting since the Russian attack in February 2022.

On the German side, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius promised to provide additional support worth 500 million euros, including in the form of 10,000 artillery shells. At the same time, he once again emphasizes that no German soldiers should be sent to Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Schulz said it several times: There are no soldiers on the ground in Ukraine and we have nothing to add to that, Pistorius says on German television.

Defense Minister Pall Johnson (center) participates on behalf of Sweden in the meeting.