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Well, sure – let’s give eleven million to a Norwegian – Sydsvenskan

Well, sure – let’s give eleven million to a Norwegian – Sydsvenskan

The Swedish servants said: “To everyone who has, to him will be given” and sent the money to Norway.

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Norwegian money machine.

Photo: Haakon Mosvold-Larsen

Peter Valmar Andersson is a cultural journalist and employee of the Cultural Editorial Office.

On May 17, flocks of drunken Norwegian boys wander around Karl Johan and shout: “We can buy all of Sweden if we want, we can buy all of Sweden if we want.”

In May, newspaper Dagens Industri reported that Norway’s “Statens pensjonsfond” fund, commonly known as the oil fund, has now reached a record value of NOK 15,000 billion. This means NOK 2.7 million per Norwegian citizen.

A ship for the Norwegians.

Photo: Klaus Geertsen/TT

In the Swedish scene sung by Evert Taube, Bohuslän, you can’t find a Swede now unless you delve into the extra prices for expired goods in Willis. In ports, Norwegians roam on board flocks of luxury yachts. In our home country of Norway, this is now the largest superyacht ever built in the world. It is 222 meters long, will contain 39 apartments and a wine cellar, and the construction cost is 6 billion Swedish krona.



Should I rub the wound with more coarse salt?

Very rich Norwegian.

Photograph: Martin Rickett/AP/TT

The Norwegian group Orkla owns Kalles Kaviar. And herring of Abbas. And Felix. And Gothenburg biscuits, OLW and Ekströms. The Norwegian group Schibsted owns the companies Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet and Blocket.

In Malmö, Norwegian expert Peter Stordalen owns the hotel part of Malmö Live. In Helsingborg, he owns SeaU.

Norwegian caviar.

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Norwegian top scorer Erling Haaland, 22, is the fourth best-paid athlete in the world under the age of 25, according to the financial newspaper. Forbes Compilation. He recently bought a one-night apartment in Oslo for 35 million Swedish krona.

I read in Verdens Gang That John Foss was in the car when Mats Malm reached him. There he was flying along the beautiful Sognefjord when a Swede called him to give him money. Maybe he was sitting in an expensive electric car in the oil-powered country.


Very Rich Norwegian 2.

Photo: Ole Berg Rusten/NTB/TT


In the film “Svenskjävel” Ronnie Sandahl portrays the role of a young Swede who goes to Oslo to provide services to his rich neighbor. Over dinner, the nouveau riche Norwegians talk about how great it is that they now have Swedes as their servants. The conversation caused the Swede at the table, Bianca Kronlöf-Dino, to lose it: “We see you as the developmentally disabled cousin who won the Lotto! And we treat you like that.”

And now the cousin has won the Nobel Prize too.

certainly! Give eleven million Swedish krona to a Norwegian.

The only consolation: those crowns aren’t worth anything anymore.

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