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Wendyk: Incredibly even before the elections in Germany

The questionable withdrawal of German soldiers and their local staff from Afghanistan became the subject of opening discussion and authorship for the Chancellor’s candidates.

Armin Laschet of the Christian Democrats (CDU) and Anna-Lena Barbock (Die Grünen) of the Greens have tried to reach out to the Social Democrats Ola Scholz (SPD), which is currently slightly ahead according to a new survey.

Unbridled criticism meets quiet defense

“This is an abject failure of both Western and federal governments,” said Laschet (CDU).

Baerbock (Die Grunen) joined in the counterattack.

Pointing the finger at Schulz, she said, I let the motives of domestic politics outweigh the responsibilities of foreign policy.

On the other hand, Scholz seemed to resist all criticism.

Explains the foreign correspondent

According to SVT foreign correspondent Christopher Wendyk, reporting live from Berlin on Monday night, the SPD’s popularity may come from the fact that, somewhat paradoxically, it is most similar to Angela Merkel. This is despite the fact that they belong to different parties.

– One must ask the question: is it true that the Germans, after 16 years with Angela Merkel, have become very distinguished by the fact that this is what the chancellor should be? In any case, he is the most Merkel-like in style.

It’s incredibly smooth. If so, how does it affect the ability to form a government?

– The battle for first place is extremely important. Three parties are needed to form a government. There are four to five possible combinations of parties. Therefore, it is difficult for a German voter today to know how his vote will affect which government he will be.

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The result is not yet out, the German elections will be held on September 26.