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What are Communities, your new tool

The WhatsApp It is working on beta versions with a new feature that brings it closer to competing tools such as Telegram and Discord. This is a function that allows you to manage and create Communities. What is that This new tool is being designed.

WhatsApp attempt to restore users

The instant messaging app suffered two defining moments during 2021, both of which were negative. At the beginning of the year, many users decided to leave the app due to the “new” privacy settings, in which the user was warned not to share his data with Facebook.

The second phase of negative milestones for the brand occurred during the so-called “Black Monday”. This phenomenon included the global downfall of Facebook, Instagram and . apps The WhatsApp, a moment that lasted for hours and allowed other apps like Telegram to gain new users.


Now, the app based on the ‘Meta Platforms’ group, the new name by which Facebook-based apps (Mark Zuckerberg) are known, is seeking to design powerful new tools that will allow it to get those users back.

“Communities” What new function is WhatsApp developing

On platforms like Discord or Telegram, groups created offer different options from them The WhatsApp Currently lacks, one of them is Jill Communities.

This concept is associated with the creation of complex networks of contacts, such as the various rooms and channels in which users are distributed.

The WhatsApp

a file

The WhatsApp

generation Communities employment The WhatsApp, from the WABeta Info blog, where new functionality that is being worked on for the next updates of the instant messaging app is usually posted.

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Although no further details have been revealed yet, it is believed that it will take elements of Communities Already present in other applications, stream managers

The WhatsApp
, they will be able to have more power and options to manage the whole.

In this sense, the administrator can organize channels, which can be public or private, create groups within groups, invite new users through a link and then send messages to other members.

While there is a general idea of What is that The new job, at the moment, little has been revealed about Communities from

The WhatsApp
Messages will only be end-to-end encrypted and can be recognized within the app with a different code than groups (they will have a square format, with rounded corners).

News by all means. Download a file