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WhatsApp and the seven new jobs it’s preparing for this year 2022 | technology

The WhatsApp , over time, Proved to be one of the key elements instant messaging platforms Which is kept in constant updates In order to provide good service to millions of users.

Facing the New Year 2022, Meta-owned app, Prepare now seven new improvements that we will tell you about here at La Kalle Which has been officially announced, as well as beta versions and / or leaks.

WhatsApp and its seven new functions

  • You can create stickers from the mobile app: Although this option was already available for WhatsApp Web, the platform will choose to include in the mobile application the functionality of direct design of your stickers, without the need to install or use other software.
  • WhatsApp will increasingly be linked to Instagram: According to WABetaInfo, reels (videos) uploaded to Instagram can also be shared and viewed on WhatsApp. In this way, Meta will strive to compete with TikTok.
  • Selectivity regarding privacy of last contact: Currently, WhatsApp allows you to deactivate and activate the last contact, but this applies to all of your contacts. Therefore, the messaging platform will have a function where you can select the contacts that you do not want to see last time.
  • Hide information from who we want: This new function, which is related in a certain way to the number 3, will allow us to hide our profile picture, status and other personal data from specific contacts.
  • Delete messages without time limit: In the update enjoyed by millions of users on WhatsApp, they are conditioned in terms of the time limit for deleting messages. Therefore, the application will delete this specific term, if 68 minutes and 16 seconds have passed, you will not be able to delete your message.
  • Reply to messages: As with Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp will also adopt this mechanism which should facilitate response times between contacts. This means that you can reply to messages with a heart, thumbs up or down, angry or happy emoji or other things.
  • transcribe voice memos: After making the last update of official voice messages by speeding them up and listening to them before sending them, WhatsApp for 2022 raises the possibility of taking voice notes. In other words, put the audio notes in writing and verbatim.
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it is expected that, During 2022, WhatsApp has formalized in its application the previous seven new functions that will provide optimum performance For millions of users who own its own instant messaging system.