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WhatsApp: How do you crop or blur images before sending them?

WhatsApp: How do you crop or blur images before sending them?

The WhatsApp It will implement new functions, and this time, it will allow its users to crop the images they share, so that the content of the images can be protected.

The update will be for both iOS and Android. However, not all devices support the new feature yet. It will be a matter of time before everyone benefits.

Why Pixelate? Well, sometimes there is content that one would like to protect, such as a children’s face, a special person, license plate number, address, or some document data.

For Android StatusThe procedure is as follows: First we open the WhatsApp application, in the conversation with our contact we choose the image to send, click on the pencil in the upper right corner and you will see the button to dim in the lower left corner.

WhatsApp will integrate a function to cut or blur faces or numbers in the image.

With the tool selected, you can now blur the image using the same brush tool. With your finger you can divide the content.

While, For those who have an iPhone, the process is very similar: The WhatsApp application opens and in the conversation with the contact the image to be sent is selected. After clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner, we select the transparent color that corresponds to the pixel.

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