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WhatsApp is already testing what (encrypted) backups in the cloud will look like | lifestyle

They always bragged about it from WhatsApp All your conversations are end-to-end encryptedIn other words, information is transmitted from one device to another hacker or curious with possible To intercept that information, she can’t guess what we’re talking about. Now, well, another thing completely different is when that data is hosted on the phone, at which point it doesn’t seem very secure.

Something similar happens with backups, which don’t seem very powerful when it comes to blasting them and seeing what they contain. And therefore From WhatsApp, they will start a path in two completely different ways: On the one hand, to enhance the backups we have of the application, and on the other hand, to allow us to put them with full guarantees in a compatible cloud, such as Google Drive and iCloud, with which WhatsApp has been working for some years.

Be careful how you use this feature

WhatsApp chat backups are something we don’t notice but we all use (unconsciously) on a daily basis. Either locally, in memory smart phone, or in the cloud within Google Drive and iCloud. The point is that In a very short time, we will be able to do it more securely thanks to the encryption process In which we will decide up to the passkey.

Activate encrypted backups in the cloud.

and what is that? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the alphanumeric string that the algorithm responsible for encrypting all the information in the backup will decide. These details are of the utmost importance because If we forget this passkey, we will lose all backup information Thus, if we need to restore the app to keep the files we brought for years, it will be impossible and we will lose all chat history.

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Those who have tried these improvements Explain it, in beta versions Where this protection is located, We must choose a password that will be used for encryption Our future backups “and that we will always have to write it down when we restore it, otherwise we will not be able to restore our chat history. Also, this password is private and is not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Apple.” new job It is in beta versions of WhatsApp for Android It will be available soon although from the Facebook-owned company they haven’t given specific deadlines for when we can activate it.