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WhatsApp will release a new universal voice notes player, so what will it do?  |  lifestyle

WhatsApp will release a new universal voice notes player, so what will it do? | lifestyle

The Facebook messaging app has one of its most popular and user-friendly functions in voice notes. At the end of the day, there are many audio notes that we send and receive, and there are cases where we have to use third-party tools to find out their content, due to the impossibility of listening to them while doing other things. In this case The WhatsApp It is working on a new function that has now been discovered that will allow us to access voice notes in a completely different way than usual, and above all more comfortable.

Global Player Arrival

That’s what WABetaInfo has now discovered, the website that analyzes beta versions of the messaging app to find new features. And now they found A new voice memos player that allows you to listen to them even if we are chatting with other people. This is possible thanks to a new player whose controls appear at the top of the application, with the voice memo activated at all times. This means that if you start listening to a voice note and move to another chat, it will continue to sound and you can control its playback from that player at the top.

The new player at the top WaBetaInfo

This is currently seen in the version WhatsApp beta for iOSSo expect to do the same soon with the Android version as well. Therefore, the main new that it offers us is that we will have more freedom to listen to the voice notes we want whenever we want, without having to continue to access them only from the same chat in which we have received them. As you know, if we leave the chat for now, the natural thing is to cut off the reproduction of voice messages.

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This way, it will be much easier in the future to access a voice memo and Listen to it fully while writing to other people of different chats. In addition to this, the messaging application also prepares a function that transcribes voice messages and converts them to text. Something so far required an external application. Therefore, WhatsApp is increasingly integrating more functions within its application so that we do not have to turn to others. A feature that will take some time to reach all users, but will undoubtedly get them with open arms.