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Why do white sharks attack humans?

Unlike other marine predators, white sharks have attacked humans on several occasions, without knowing for sure why.

This is what a group of scientists from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, tried to answer, who claim that this happens because they are unable to distinguish humans from seals or sea lions.

The study, published this week in Journal of the Royal Society, analyzed the retina of sharks and came to the conclusion that these animals see humans as if they were seals or animals that are part of their diet.

“Surfers are the group most at risk of being bitten by killer sharks, especially white sharks,” lead author Laura Ryan quoted in a university statement.

“We found that surfers, swimmers, and feet (seals and sea lions) on the ocean surface are like a white shark looking at them from below, because these sharks can’t see small details or colors,” he added.

In addition, the experts concluded that the people most at risk are individuals using smaller skateboards, as white sharks find it more difficult to distinguish them from their usual prey.

Photo: shutterstock

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