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Will Facebook change its name? ‘Horizon’ and ‘Meta’ will be some options, reports El Financiero

Report that Facebook social networking site Plans to change the company’s name sparked a flurry of speculation online as followers of the company were quick to speculate.

Suggestions on Twitter included some singles like “FB” and back to “Facebook”. the edge, which – which mentioned About this plan on Tuesday, he said the new name might have something to do with it “Horizon” by virtual reality platform developed by the company.

This would be a signal of the CEO’s ambition. Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook will eventually become better known as metaverso, referring to the familiar suggestion that the next evolution in online communication will be people who live, work and interact in an immersive virtual world – that is their social network.

“dead” It is another competitor’s name Foot Written by, among others, Samid Chakrabarti, the former head of the company’s Civil Integrity division. web address Currently redirects to, the home of the biomedical research discovery tool developed under the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, co-founded by the Facebook CEO. This suggests that Zuckerberg has an advantage over any other competitor seeking to secure the ultimate name for Metaverse.

The goal of rebranding will be Repositioning Facebook as a metaverse, She said the edgeNotable apps and services such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are likely to maintain their brand under a new matrix structure not unlike that practiced by Google and parent company Alphabet.

Facebook declined to comment on the report.

There are several factors that support the idea of ​​calling it “Meta”: Silicon Valley companies prefer short domain names as a reputable brand, and Alphabet considers that It is your home. Any company called Meta can also claim that the term “metaverse” is its own term rather than the generic descriptor it currently is.

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In 2017, Chan Zuckerberg’s initiative acquired A company called Meta developed artificial intelligence technology to search for scientific articles. Now residing in in 2019 It’s old The new augmented reality company of the same name for a buyer called Meta View, who planned to develop an augmented reality viewer. Your website is

Facebook plans to announce a name change for October 28, depending the edge.