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Winners of Maneskin – Eurovision 2021 at the Polsat Superhit Festival 2021 when and when

Winners of Maneskin – Eurovision 2021 at the Polsat Superhit Festival 2021 when and when

Author: Francis Telegraphs (EPU)

Maneskin is the biggest star of the Bolshoi Superhit Festival 2021. The organizers decided to call the winners of Eurovision 2021, they have become one of the most listened bands in Europe in recent weeks. They also have many fans in Poland, which is why they will be appearing at this event. On which day of the festival will they appear in the Forest Opera?

Maneskin Glam is an Italian band that plays rock music. In 2021, after winning the San Remo Festival, they were given the right to represent Italy in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. There they were able to thank the cast with the song GT e Pooney. Success at Eurovision is the gateway to an international career. Since the end of the tournament, Maneskin has been at the top of the Spotify Poland rankings. Two of their songs have been added to Spotify’s Top 50 Polish Rankings – I Wanna Be Your Slave and GT E Pooni. It was time to perform in front of a Polish audience. Maneskin will perform at this year’s Bolshoi Superhit Festival in Sopot. Fans of the band can expect what ceremony they will be performing at and at what time.

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Eurovision 2021. Winner of Eurovision Song Contest

Maneskin at Bolshoi Superhit Festival 2021 – Which day?

An important event for all Maneskin rock and Eurovision fans in Poland. The Bolshoi Superhit Festival in Sopot will appear on Saturday, June 26, 2021. I.e. they occur on the second day of the event. However, it is not known at what time they will appear on stage.

Maneskin – who they are, songs, members, X factor

Maneskin Band was founded in 2016. It includes singer Damiano David, guitarists Victoria de Angeles and Thomas Rocky and drummer Ethan Torcio. A year after Maneskin was founded, they starred in the Italian version of X Factor, where they finished second. Their most popular songs are GT E Pooni, I Wanna Be Your Slave, Coroline, Sochen, Torna A Casa, Ultra Dimension and Ventani.