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Women defy the ban on protesting in Kabul

Women defy the ban on protesting in Kabul

About 25 women took to the streets of the capital, Kabul, on Saturday. The demonstrators called on the world not to recognize the Taliban’s rule at the upcoming United Nations summit in Doha.

Among the slogans during the ten-minute demonstration, women could be heard chanting:

“The Afghan people are hostages of the Taliban” and “recognition of the Taliban is a violation of women’s rights”

Next week, the United Nations will discuss a sustainable way forward in Afghanistan. No country has yet recognized the regime that took power after the United States and many Western countries withdrew from the country in 2021.

Most countries believe that recognizing the Taliban regime will not support democratic development in the country, while some countries assert that recognition can influence the Taliban to ease some of the prohibitions against women.

Shamayel Tawna Nasiri, 26, who joined the demonstration, does not believe that recognition means any change for women.

– For those of us who are oppressed, who have been robbed of their rights, this only increases anxiety, she says to Agence France-Presse.

The Taliban has previously rejected UN criticism by the Security Council against restrictions on women’s rights, saying these are “internal matters”.

On August 15, 2021, the Taliban will regain power in Afghanistan. At first, they claim to respect people’s rights and freedoms and distance themselves from the brutal regime that prevailed in 1996-2001. The Taliban promised to allow girls to go to school and women to work once a “safe environment” was created.

But on September 8, Taliban spokesman Ahmadullah Wasiq declared that women’s sports were not allowed according to Islam.

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On September 28, the Taliban announced that female students and teachers may no longer work at Kabul University.

On March 28, 2022, the Taliban ordered the country’s airlines to deny women passengers unless they are accompanied by a male relative.

On November 10, women are prohibited from visiting public parks and amusement parks. A few days later, the ban was extended to gyms and bathrooms.

On December 24, the Taliban regime banned NGOs from hiring female staff, with some exceptions.