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You can now play video games with Netflix! Here we tell you how

The streaming platform has announced that starting today the first video games will be released in Mexico and around the world, based on its most popular series.

Who is this November 2, Netflix announced that it will be shown for the first time video game employment Mexico And in different parts of the world, this experience is quite new as it is based on a diverse series of his works index.

Games can be downloaded through the app google apps, There will be five titles starting with this experience: Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: El Guigou, Card Blast, swing up and shooting hoops.

The only bad thing so far is that it will only be available for Android mobiles AndroidHowever, the creators confirmed that it is only the beginning but hope that it can be used in different operating systems.

It is important to note that to start enjoying the games, all you have to do is get active membership, And there will be no charge for the trial, just log in to your account Profile personly The games will look like this:

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  • If you are in your phone On mobile, you will see an exclusive row of games and a tab where you can select any game to download.
  • If you log in with your plank, a special row of games will also appear or you can download them from the drop down by categories and start playing.

Also, you can play in different devices Same calculation, except it depends on your plan for contracted screens. In addition, minors will not be able to enter, and will only be available in the profiles of grown ups.

Finally, you will necessarily need some games Online communicationHowever, there will be some to enjoy in Offline online.