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Zoom is updated to allow you to best define the pronoun that represents you on your profile | lifestyle

We are in Pride Celebration month, and with only a few days left until Central Day, many companies have decided to align with Practices that encourage anyone to identify themselves in the way they believe يؤمن Who represents you best, and for this, it is essential that companies and their products reflect all this diversity.

in case if apps that in recent months, especially those in which we expose ourselves to others through posts or video calls, we have begun a path to allow everyone who participates in They have the opportunity to define themselves according to their feelings, Add a whole group of pronouns that go beyond traditional pronouns.He/she/it/it/they/they/they.”

Zoom expands your options

And so, as announced by Zoom through his blog official New pronouns function, which is available as of version 5.7.0 from a program This, they point out, “will help our users feel more included and able to express themselves and stand out.” And from the video conferencing platform, they claim to have “listened carefully to feedback from educators, social organizations, diversity leaders, and Zoom’s diverse clients to improve the pronouns sharing experience on our platform.”

New field to add our favorite pronoun.

Where Zoom believe it This role is not only “particularly important to members of the LGBTQ community.”Rather, it offers all users “better share about themselves and be treated with more respect on our platform.” The idea is that those who wish to view this information under the name that will appear in their window will be able to do so automatically and without having to resort to a gimmick. Editing the entire name, it was very difficult to do in the business world.

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This function, as we say, will not only allow us to choose the pronoun that represents us, but we will have, directly in the function next to it, Opportunity to include it and make it visible in video calls. Thus, it is possible to know from the beginning the sensitivity of each participant and, accordingly, to be more respectful when addressing all those present. Moreover, this information can not only be made visible in conversation windows, Webinars Or the events we attend, but Our profile card will also return those changes to the pronouns.