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கசடு.  Abattoir - Motor.  Competitors under the age of 24 will be the language of measure here [TAKTYKA]

கசடு. Abattoir – Motor. Competitors under the age of 24 will be the language of measure here [TAKTYKA]

In the game between the abbot and the motor, the pens are in motion because both teams consistently use the opponent placed eighth. So the outcome of Sunday’s match should significantly affect Robert Lambert and Dominic Kubera.

Tomas Janiszewski

Thomas Bazersky guides Robert Lambert

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Photo: Thomas Bazersky giving guidance to Robert Lambert

Advisory teams for this competition:

Motor Lublin: 1. Gregory Laguda, 2. Krzysztof Buczkowski, 3. Jaroswa Humble, 4. Mark Carian, 5. Michael Michelson, 6. Victor Lampard, 7. Matthews Searniak

eWinner Apator Toruń: 9. Pave Presbyzky, 10. Jack Holder, 11. Adrian Midgesky, 12. Chris Holder, 13. Peter Sulbuck, 14. Krzysztof Lewandowski, 15. Cockpar Makowski

Coach Tomas Bazersky decided to set up his team for a home game for the first time this way. In the first three, there were identical competitors from Gilona Cora, Croatsiats and Cestochova (which applies to the senior system). Cycles were introduced for clashes with the Vrogov and Lesno teams, but nothing like this with the motor. Compared to the meeting with the champion, Adrian Midgesky and Chris Holder have changed numbers. Moreover, the position of Krzysztof Lewandowski has changed.

Former motorcyclist Robert Lambert (2017-2019) is statistically the biggest rival of the Aubrey and the best competitor under the age of 24, having already done Titanic missions in more than one race at the entire PGE Extralica. During the recent derby at Croatsides, Britain scored a full 15 points. Here, from the beginning, you should expect him to start with the number 13 instead of the competitor. This was similar to the aforementioned fight with Fogo Union Lesno.

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Therefore, pens will be used during the conflict between Angels and Billy Goats. The crowd may be even, but it is inevitable for both to use the eight level. Guests from Lapland wore proven, fitted, standard attire. They have Dominic Kubera out of eight, whose mood seems to be growing. In addition, it was strengthened by the recommendation for the upcoming Grand Prix in Lapland (August 6-7). He will continue to replace Marek Carian this season, which will not be any different in Torres.

However, it is necessary to make a correction that Kuber is going on his travels after December this year, and he was only relatively satisfactory during the trip to Vrogov (6 + 3). The team from Lesno in Motorona should add that pale when looking at his four league appearances. In 2016-2019, he participated in 14 heats, earning only 10 points and 4 bonuses. He did not win any races.

In the event of Kubera’s weak approach, the Magiz Kuziaba-Jacek Djokovsky duo should not forget to keep a junior duo up to their sleeve, which can always connect any gaps in the line. As a solid option in junior racing, Victor Lampard and Matthews Searniak have a good chance to start the tournament well.

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Who will get the most points under the age of 24 in Sunday’s game?

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