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Lublin: Award to Archbishop Andrzej Diego.  Controversies

Lublin: Award to Archbishop Andrzej Diego. Controversies

Andrzej Dijica, Metropolitan Archbishop of Schleswig-Holstein, received the award from friends of the Faculty of Law of the Faculty of Alumni and Friends of Lublin Catholic University. The famous cleric has been accused of spreading a “safety umbrella” over father Andrzej Timer, who is to be used by minorities. Right-wing columnist Tomas Derlikovsky criticized the decision to award the prize for the hierarchy.

The Stephen Cardinal Vysyasky Prize, received Wednesday by Archbishop Dijica, is presented for outstanding scientific, artificial, institutional and professional achievements aimed at spreading the spiritual doctrines of “Theo et Patria” (God and Father).

It was presented by the Friends of the Faculty of Law and Friends of the Faculty of Law at Dublin Catholic University. This decision was taken unanimously – by the Vice-Rector of Dublin Catholic University and the President of the Society, Fr. prof. Miroswa Siddharth – At the meeting on November 20, 2020.

The award ceremony was preceded by a scientific conference entitled “The Mission of the Church to the Nation”. Due to infection controls, the award ceremony and conference aired online. Congratulations on the occasion of the presentation of the Archbishop’s Award. Digika was presented by former MP John Łopuszański.

He should know, not react

The decision to honor the clergyman Ravi is controversial because Archbishop Andrzej was the archbishop of a TVN24 report on his father Andrej Timera, who died in February this year. The clergy are sexually exploiting minors. Should have known about this case for many years, one of the unresponsive people was Archbishop Dijica, now in the city of Szczecin and Kamień.

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The controversy surrounding him was only strengthened by his public statement on the day when the Church in Poland should focus on the victims of childhood, on the day of prayer and penance for the sins of child sexual abuse. Then Archbishop Dijica said, “No one is without sin.”

– Before God, everyone recognizes the secrets of their conscience, life, their choices, their path – said Archbishop Dijica from a sermon in the Cathedral Basilica in Szczecin. These words caused outrage because many commentators – including representatives of the Catholic Church – saw them as a sign of cynicism and underestimated the problem.

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Journalist Tomas Derlikovsky criticizes the Archbishop Dijica Award with the Cardinal Stephen Vysyasky Prize. He wrote on Twitter that such a decision by the Society of Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Friends of Lublin Catholic University was evidence that his knowledge of the protection of minors in the Church had “not yet penetrated” him. According to the journalist, the awarding body does not know “what to do with bishops who defend criminals”.

Journalist Tomas Derligovsky evaluates the award negativelyTwitter

There is one more – according to Derligovsky – the association – quoting the journalist’s entry – “Children’s rights …”.

Derlikovsky also asked if the Vatican would remove Archbishop Andrzej Djiga from the award if he was fired, or – as he had joked – given an additional award.

Second entry by Tomas DerikovskyTwitter

Key Photo Source: TVN24