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Indirect clothing – a question for millionaires and PLN 40,000.  Know the correct answer

Indirect clothing – a question for millionaires and PLN 40,000. Know the correct answer

Playing millionaires can have a direct impact on the lives of participants, but it turns out – even in their diet. In the previous episode, Paulina asked a question about a fish. As she admits, she will never eat the code again, i.e. the lump. Perhaps the hardest question could have motivated her effectively. Fortunately, he was able to respond correctly with the detective and guaranteed the next episode for PLN 40,000.

Hidden Clothes – Question from Millionaires

Paulina has a chance to get PLN 40,000 out of millionaires – that’s a guaranteed amount. However, he has to answer the question about some clothes. Will this happen?

What is implicit clothing?

A: Silk only
B: Seal
C: Loosely woven
D: Index only

“Aggressive dressings … Addition is something inside, so a closet is something outside,” Paulina thought. He added that he did not think there was such a thing as code dressing. In the end, she could not decide which answer was right. The millionaire participant decided to use Life Boy and dialed a friend’s phone number. – I don’t see any clue here. This is the moment we call Damien – she said. Paulina’s wish was fulfilled by Hubert Urboski.

Do you know the answer to this question? Check yourself:

Millionaires - What is a Prosperity?  The player has used the last wheel.  Try to choose the right answer!

Indirect dressings: tight, loosely woven, silk or index?

Unfortunately, Paulina’s friend could not help him. – A bit of chalk – Paulina said and after a while, she said she did not know the answer to the question about implicit clothing. – I have no danger, the soldiers are waiting to sit in this chair, so I will give up – she told Hubert Urbowski. The presenter of the show reminded the participant that the guarantee amount was slightly ahead and that he had only one response from PLN 40,000. However, Paulina decided it was hers The decision to end the game is final. Thus, he won the PLN 20,000. In the end, Hubert asked what the answer would be if he continued.

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“I think I would say they are tight,” he admitted.

Hubert Urbowski tested which answer was correct. “Tight,” he confirmed and read the notes. “Indirect clothing stops bleeding and prevents the wound from contacting the external environment and air … then, if you only trust yourself …” said the millionaire leader. – I’m not dangerous – Paulina finally said and thank you for the game.

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