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Millionaires.  Where do dragons come from?  Where is Komodo located?

Millionaires. Where do dragons come from? Where is Komodo located?

Where do dragons come from?

Louisa Pattica from Vroga started playing in the millionaires and unfortunately not everything went according to her plan. The break-dance lover had trouble with the geography question. She could not say for sure where the dragons came from. Where is Komodo located?

Komodo dragons, or where from?

A: From the African continent

B: From the Indonesian island

C: From the Indian Peninsula

D: From Cuba

Check that you are typing correctly.

– Well, Komodo … I checked where it is, I do not remember now, but I will start with the exception – said the millionaire participant. Louisa decided to use a life mat. Will one and a half remove her doubts? Watch Millionaires on TVN and Player.

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Varani z Komodo

Their appearance is as deceptive as dragons or small dinosaurs. They are dark green or dark brown reptiles with long and massive body, powerful feet, flat face and long tail. They have a jaw with 60 strong teeth and a tongue cut at the tip. Their dense skin is covered with small scales and spots of different colors. However, the origin of the fairy tale should not fool us. Komodo lizards can prey on a large buffalo or horse, are cannibalistic and dangerous to humans. They ambush and hunt and can be killed by a single bite. The toxins in their saliva are 50 different bacteria that, once they enter the victim’s bloodstream, kill him in seconds. This magnificent Komodo reptile can grow up to 3 meters in length and live up to 50 years. Dragons were discovered in 1910.

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Warren z Komodo It is a native species, which means it is found only in one place in the world. Komodo National Park, located on three Indonesian islands, was created to protect its small “dragon” population. It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1991. For more information, see the article on Komodo Dragons.

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