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The big failure of the messenger.  Mass reports of problems in use

The big failure of the messenger. Mass reports of problems in use

The first reports of messenger failure were 16. Internet users were increasingly concerned that there was a problem using the application.

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The big failure of the messenger. Internet users have trouble sending and receiving messages

A significant number of Messenger issues are clearly visible on the website As we can see in the chart, the problems started around 16. hours ago. 17 People reported problems with nearly 5,000 applications. In the following hours, the number of failures was high and began to slowly decline to 20. At. 22 At least several thousand users are still struggling with utility issues.

Internet users mainly complain about sending problems wiadomo¶ci (48%), one application (28%) and receiving messages (24%). Some of them will not be able to connect to Facebook, messages sent via Messenger will disappear, and some will have the message “Waiting for network”.

Russia. Removed the app from the Netflix App Store and Google Play

More approx. Problems started in the Facebook application on the 16th. Internet users report that they cannot connect to the server and that their application or website is not working.

Large numbers of applications can be found in major cities such as Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, Lado, Schszin and Tri-City. However, failure is not the only concern Polish. Since morning, users from other countries have also been reporting issues on Facebook and Instagram. Company representatives did not comment on the failure reports.

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Messenger failed. How long will it take?

How long will the problems last? This question is difficult to answer, but usually in such cases the situation can be rectified within a few hours. As problems persist from 16, it is likely that everything will return to normal in the next few hours.

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