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Warsaw.  Archbishop Kode lost the title of Citizen Citizen of the City

Warsaw. Archbishop Kode lost the title of Citizen Citizen of the City

Former Gdańsk metropolitan archbishop Savoj Lessek Kode is no longer a court-martial citizen of Warsaw. At the request of the councilors of the Civic Alliance, the 2005 resolution was amended when he was ordained a priest. Law and justice councilors did not participate in the vote, accusing the practice of introducing the item on the agenda of being “trivial”.

– The Warsaw Council did not have full information about this candidate when it came to the decision to grant clerical citizenship to Savoj Lessek Kode. We believe that after what happened recently, the resolution to grant Cory Rava citizenship should be withdrawn, said Jarosva Sostakovsky, president of the Civic Alliance Club, when submitting the resolution to introduce an item on the agenda for the abolition of the clerical title. Cote was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Warsaw in 2005.

“Archbishop Cody is unworthy of such a title.”

Archbishop of Gdańsk Sr. Savoj Lessek Kode and former Ordinary Bishop of the Diocese of Khalis Edward Zoniak They were punished by the Holy See In order for some clergy to be negligent in cases of sexual harassment of minors. They were both ordered to live outside their dioceses and banned from participating in religious celebrations in their area. They were also obliged to donate an appropriate amount to the saints. Joseph.

– Cooperative citizenship is the highest distinction in our city – During the discussion on this matter the KO Councilor later said that Archbishop Cote is currently ineligible for such a title. – There is no reason for him to be now a Warsaw court clerk – he assessed.

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– We are changing the resolution for posting, so in view of the posting, the posting never happened, and then explained the mechanism of the resolution. In the resolution regulating the policies for granting this title, there is no provision regarding the possibility of its withdrawal. In a draft submitted by Sostakovsky, it was proposed to amend the 2005 resolution and remove the name of the priest.

“We must not deliberately do without any mode”

In turn, Councilor Darius Ficura (PIS) pointed out that the procedure for submitting a resolution was “trivial”. Sostakovsky’s request was added to the agenda, and in that person’s opinion, discussions about such significant changes should take place in a different way. – We cannot accept frivolous discussion of serious matters – said.

“There is no endorsement of pedophilia in any community group,” he said. – We do not take the matter of pedophilia lightly. But the most important topic in the co-operative is citizenship, on a resolution written on the knee, as door-to-door football, we should not do it intentionally without any mode – he assessed.

He also said that Pius Club councilors would not take part in the vote. “It’s a trivial matter and the Pies Club will not vote in this case,” he said. Another PICE councilor, Victor Klimi, also spoke about legal doubts. – We have only strict legal doubts, the resolution violates the principle that the law does not back down – he assessed.

“No knee pattern here”

Spring Councilor Agatha Tidusko-Ziglevska opposed this argument. “No kneeling here, no hurry,” she said. – You are well aware that waiting for court rulings in the case of the Church is waiting for the code – he pointed out. He recalled that efforts to remove the title of code had been going on for a year and a half. – What else needs to happen for you to realize that this is an immovable, situation that requires us to take the side of the victims as many boundaries have been crossed. – Spring Councilor asked rhetorically.

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At the end of March, we reported it on Application for withdrawal of title from Kotji Submitted by the leadership of the Civic site in Warsaw. Markin Kearwiski, head of the party’s capital structures, wrote on Twitter: “Citizen of Warsaw’s court is a title bestowed with exceptional qualifications. Archbishop Cody should no longer appear on this committee.”

Prior to becoming Archbishop of Cote d’Ivoire, he was Ordinary Bishop of Warsaw-Prague and formerly Field Bishop of the Polish Army.

Key Photo Source: The TV