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Anetta Jazak confirmed that Mycology Kravsik has alimony left over.  There was an amount

Anetta Jazak confirmed that Mycology Kravsik has alimony left over. There was an amount

Aneta Sajak and Mikholaj Kravsik met during their studies, but at that time they had only friendly relations. Many years later, when they met on the set of the series “First Love”, something else triggered between them and they became a couple. In 2011, they welcomed their sons into the world: Robert and Michael. The actors were together for six years at the time. Unfortunately, bad moments came soon after this lucky moment for them. The artists stopped practicing, which ended in 2012 with their split. Since then, Aneta Zazak has rarely stepped forward and appears only occasionally on the walls. This time, she decided to reveal it The ex-partner does not have to pay maintenance.

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Mikołaj Krawczyk should retreat with sustenance

Aneta Jazak decided to tell the media about what is happening in her family for her 11-year-old children. Mikołaj Krawczyk did not give her sustenance, which was first reported by the portal “Pomponik”.

– Said Aneta Zając in an interview with “Fakt”.

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Further, the matter was confirmed to the tabloid by an attorney appearing on behalf of actress Beta Watch.

Announced “Pomponik” Mikołaj Krawczyk PLN 170,000 in arrears with alimony.


Mikołaj Krawczyk

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