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Tokyo 2020: Olympic best volleyball player Erwin Nagabet

Erwin Nagabeth was selected as the MVP of the Olympic Volleyball Championship. The 30-year-old led the French national team to the event’s first gold medal.

The “tricolor” did not perform well at the start of the Olympics. At the start of the match, they looked smooth to the Americans. The win with Tunisia was obvious, but Argentina were better in the next game. The 1-2 draw means that the French must stand against the Russian Olympic Committee. They won 3-1 and even though they beat Brazil in the group stage they could not stop being promoted.

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France finished fourth in the group against Poland. “Tri-Colors” won after the tie-break. In the semi-finals they defeated Argentina smoothly in three sets, and in the final they faced the Russian Olympic Committee for the second time. They took a 2-0 lead after two sets, but it all ended in a tie-break. In it, they withstood the pressure and won the first Olympic title in history.

As a standard, individual prizes were awarded after the competition was over. The MVP of the tournament was selected by Gangabeth, who scored 26 points in the final. There were awards, too. Luciano de Cecco unexpectedly defeated Brazil in a match for third place by Argentina.

All awards:

MVP – Erwin Nagabeth (France)
Top Recipients – Ngapeth, Yegor Kliuka (Russian Olympic Team)
Best Mid-Laners – Ivan Djokovic (Russian Olympic Committee), Bartholomew Sinanese (France)
Best Libero – Genia Krepennikov (France)
Best Athlete – Luciano DiCeco (Argentina)
Best Attack – Maxim Mikhailov (Russian Olympic Committee)

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