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Traffic chaos in the capital region – “extremely exceptional conditions”

Heavy snow fell in the capital region, which witnessed widespread traffic disturbances.

Early Tuesday morning, it became clear that Spårjokern was not working at all. Shortly after 8 a.m., Helsinki area traffic announced to HRT that all tram services had been suspended.

At half past three, both the Spårjokern and other tram lines started running again, but not at full capacity. HSL announces that delays and irregular departures are expected for the remainder of Tuesday.

Many were surprised by the snow in April.

Thuja ruhu HSL's communications department explained Tuesday morning that it was the communication lines that froze, after the rain fell initially as sleet and then froze. There were also problems with gear.

Helsinki's southern promenade is covered in wet snow.

– I don't remember there being a situation like this before. It is highly unusual for such widespread disturbances to tram traffic.

Persevering cyclists make their way through the snow in central Helsinki.

There were also delays in bus movement on several lines. Twiga Rohu said the snow meant buses couldn't pass at all on some smaller roads and streets.