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Both sides of Gareth Bale.  Wales near knockout stage in Euros! [WIDEO]

Both sides of Gareth Bale. Wales near knockout stage in Euros! [WIDEO]

At the stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Turks and Welsh were looking for their first victory at Euro 2020. In the first round, Turkey was crushed by the Italians 0: 3. Walia They drew 1-1 with Switzerland. But paradoxically, Wales was against the wall because he would face a very strong Italy in the last round, without winning the match against Turkey, it would be very difficult for her to advance to the 1/8 final.

The meeting between the Turks and the Welsh from the first minutes was very exciting, but the players from the British Isles were in excellent conditions. Already in the seventh minute, Ramsay was the first of the three alone with the goalkeeper in the first half, but he missed the fight with Kagir after Bale’s excellent pass. The Turks responded with an action, after which Burak Yilmas fired a blocked shot from several meters.

Then, Moore had two chances, he first hit the crossbar with his head from a few meters and then was well warned by Choyung before the empty goal. Meanwhile, Under Welsh got a good shot from a distance, but Ward had no major problems catching the ball.

In the 24th minute of the match, Ramsay found himself alone again with the Turkish goalkeeper, but with plenty of space and time, he rose to the top of the bar. After this situation, the Turks attacked very threateningly and even after kicking in the corner, they shot two head shots past Kagira, but were well stopped in the goal line by the Welsh defenders.

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In the next few minutes, Choyung made another good intervention, stopping Pele who came out of a clean position after he lost his friend. In the 43rd minute, nothing could save the Turks. Ramsay ran for the third time from the second row behind the Turkish defensive line, getting a superb pass from Bale, this time retaining his cool, sending the ball past Gogri straight into the goal. As a result, Wales led 1-0 with Turkey until the break.

The second part of the meeting was also a big potato. No team counted, and the game moved quickly from one penalty area to the next. It started with some very dangerous attacks from the Turks, but it was easy for Kalhanoklu to defend a long shot ward, then Yilmas missed the perfect opportunity after kicking a corner, he hit the bar from five meters into the air.

Wales responded several times and very threateningly. First, after James’ action, Ramsay attacked Kagir from a few meters, and as game time passed, Celik and Foul received a foul kick from the side of the Charging Ball penalty area. The victim approached the ball himself, but he sent the ball over the bar!

Several dozen seconds later, Turkish goalkeeper Celik shot the ball he was staring at, but luckily the ball missed the target centimeter. Since then, both teams have frequently entered the defensive zone, but they have been very ineffective. The Welsh had more sport, and its attacks were certainly more specific. Cagir had to defend the next shots of James and Bale, but under the second goal Ward had to show very late, dropping the ball after being shot by Demirel’s head.

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Already in extra time of the game, Wilson and Bale did not take advantage of the next chances, and finally, in the final act of the match, the Real footballer broke the final line to the penalty area and threw the ball in fifth place to Connor Roberts, who set the match ending 2-0 with a flat shot to Wales.

Wales beat Turkey 2-0 and with four points in their tally it will be practically certain that they will reach the knockout stage. Turkey have two defeats and are very weak in football, but can still fight for promotion in the last game against Switzerland.

Group A: Turkey – Wales 0: 2 (0: 1)

Goals: Ramsay 43 ‘, Roberts 90’

Durga: Ghagir – Celik, Ayhan, Choyungu, Maras (72 ‘Multur) – Yoguslu (46’ Demiral) – Karaman (75 ‘Dervisoklu), Kalhanoklu, Tufan (46’ Yassi), Lower (83 ‘Kahwesi) – Yilmas.

Walia: Ward – Roberts, Mabem, Roden, Davis – Morel, Allen (73 ‘amp) – Bale, Ramsey (85’ Wilson), James (90 ‘Williams) – Moore

Yellow Cards: Yilmas, Calhanoclu – Davis, Mabem.

Judge: Arthur Soros Dias (Portugal)