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The cameraman has been in custody for a long time.  Attorney's Office Inquires - o2

The cameraman has been in custody for a long time. Attorney’s Office Inquires – o2

Pato-Utopia has serious problems with the law. He is accused of abusing an intellectually disabled person.

According to the portal, the court .ukasz W. The controversial YouTuber has been staying there since April this year.

When the court extended the sentence in May, it argued that in independence, the course of “commercialist” activities could be affected. The court also argued that “only a solitary confinement can guarantee the uninterrupted course of preparatory proceedings on the part of the suspect”.

The “cameraman” will remain in custody until July 15

The suspect faces up to 8 years in prison. He will remain in custody until July 15 as the prosecutor’s office is still investigating.

The investigators’ actions were “harassment due to the mental state of the helpless person”. The unacceptable behavior of the “cameraman” and his colleagues was recorded and circulated. Three people were detained in the case and they all heard the same charge.

Let us remind you that this is the aftermath of the film that went online on April 9th. We could see how the “cameraman” pays a young, intelligent disabled boy for doing the despicable “tasks” – he had to break bricks in the head, jump from the balcony into the trash can or even eat cat droppings.


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