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Joachim Lowe: We will win against Portugal

Get enough sleep, rest and fight – the next few days will be like this at the Herzogena aura Rach camp where the German footballers are staying. In fact, Wednesday’s players didn’t have many activities. In turn, the staff closed within four walls and began the mission of “Portugal”.

On the other hand, the German press has already begun to compare the 0-1 defeat against France, comparing what the team experienced at the 2018 World Cup in Russia to Mexico. Then the match did not end happily. Although he already knew that Euro 2021 would be his last event in this role, now coach Lowe is well aware that history cannot repeat itself. He will then be replaced by Hansi Flick.

The Germans left Russia after the group stage. They won only one game and finished last in Group F stages. Now they started similarly – with a 0: 1 defeat, but the final match would be completely different.

– We will be ready. We will fight Portugal, we will win – Wednesday Lowe said he did not want to go into any speculation with reporters. He added: “I’m glad to be playing the next match soon as it takes place on Saturday.”

Football players followed a similar approach. – We may have zero points, but we have a chance to get six points. That is what we need to focus on now. There is no point in meeting France again. It’s important that we have nothing to complain about because we played with full commitment – Tony Cruz insisted.

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The German press sees it differently, blaming the lack of invention and inaction in the attack and the lack of any idea for permanent pieces of the game. “France is a well-functioning machine. Everyone out there is compatible with each other. They know their place on the pitch. We? Lowe tried to build a team within two weeks. , But as you can see, it’s not enough “- you can read in the media.

Joshua Kimmich acknowledged that they could create opportunities, but they did not know how to end them. – This is only one step. He commented so little and so much at once. “But let’s remember that France is the world champion in defense,” he added.

And journalists ask: “Is it bad luck that Hummels’ own goal determined France’s success?” The 32-year-old Borussia Dortmund defender left the Munich ground and refused to speak. It was at midnight that he wrote on social media: “Failure affects us so much, especially me. It was my own goal that made me lose.”

However, the German media cautiously recalled: “There is one thing we are missing in Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo. He is 36 years old, scoring two goals against Hungary.” However, they also praised Lowe: “He responded calmly to defeat. He was without panic and very confident of the final victory of this match. It looks like there will not be a big revolution in the team.”

The coach said: – We lost the match, but nothing big happened yet. We have two games ahead of us and everything is in our hands.

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