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Wyrok Trybunału Konstytucyjnego nie wpływa na żadne obszary, w których UE posiada kompetencje przekazane w traktatach - tych wprost i literalnie wymienionych w traktatach - tak rzecznik rządu Piotr Müller odniósł się do wyroku Trybunału Konstytucyjnego. Instytucja orzekła, że wszystkie kwestionowane przez premiera zapisy unijnego traktatu są niezgodne z konstytucją. Sędziowie stwierdzili, że prawo krajowe jest nadrzędne względem prawa europejskiego.

Judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal on the Constitution and EU Law. A government spokesman commented

The ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal does not affect any areas of competence provided by the EU – explicitly and linguistically stated in the treaties – government spokesman Pyotr Mர்ller said in a statement of the Constitutional Tribunal. The company ruled that all provisions of the EU agreement challenged by the Prime Minister were unconstitutional. The judges said the national law violates European law.

The supremacy of the Constitution over EU law. The Constitutional Court delivered a judgment

When asked about the practical implications of Thursday’s ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal on the superiority of Polish constitutional law over EU law, a government spokesman responded. Judgment is the solution to a controversy that has arisen in other EU countries.

Among other things, in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, and many other EU countries, it has already been made clear on several occasions that the Constitution is superior to EU law. The Polish Constitutional Tribunal said the same. Anyway, he did it again A government spokesman said.

When asked if certain provisions of Polish law should be changed after the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal, he replied This judgment is a binding explanation for the judiciary and public institutions.

Today’s judgment is called a purpose judgment, which means that certain provisions of the EU treaties do not comply with the provisions of the Polish Constitution. Contracts Mல்லller pointed out.

This is a binding explanation for the judiciary and public institutions – He insisted.

When a government spokesman asked if the ruling would affect the process of amending Polish law with EU rules, e.g. Including EC orders, This Agreement does not affect any part of the EU capacity under the agreements.

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Today’s ruling does not affect any part provided by EU agreements. We are talking about the capabilities listed directly and actually in the EU agreements – namely competition, trade, consumer protection, flow of services, specific areas related to products Said Mller.

The Constitutional Tribunal, after examining the application of Prime Minister Matteo Moravici, concluded that European rules governing the constitution of Poland were unconstitutional as EU members acted outside the jurisdiction of Poland. . Unconstitutional is the provision of judgments based on rules that authorize or repeal national courts to avoid the provisions of the European Constitution, as well as the terms of a European Court agreement to review the legality of the appointment of a European judge. By the Chairman and Resolutions of the National Council of Judiciary relating to the appointment of judges.

The petition was referred to the Constitutional Tribunal by Prime Minister Mathews Moravici after an EU court ruling in early March on the possibility of the courts controlling the correctness of the judicial appointment process. The Office of the Prime Minister at the time argued that the application was a comprehensive resolution of the conflict between the provisions of European law and the Constitution and confirms previous legislation in this regard.

“Poland returns to the image of a Warsaw country”, “the chaos deepens”. Peter and Boktanovich in the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal