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Pogo leaves the fight for the Chesapeake Championship.  Lsk dry for maintenance of Pika None

Pogo leaves the fight for the Chesapeake Championship. Lsk dry for maintenance of Pika None

The meeting between Śląsk Wrocław and Pogoń Szczecin promised to be one of the most interesting in the 32nd round of the Top League. Silesia are just three points ahead of the 15th-ranked eliminator from the tournament table. Pogoń Szczecin was in third place and had to win to get closer with leading duo Lech Poznan – Raków Częstochowa.

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Saturday’s meeting was not exciting. Silesia focused on the defensive game, while Pogoń’s admission in the first half was very bad in the game. In the first 45 minutes Ranjoy’s team fired only one shot towards the goal.

In the 28th minute, Eric Exposito scored a goal from Dino Stickleck’s cross and into the net next to helpless Stibica. The late Igor Lasiki made the mistake in scoring for Silesia. Silesia’s top scorer has been waiting for victory since mid – March and the match against Wisdom. That was when Silesia won the last league match. For a long time, it seemed that Wroclaw players could get full points, which would be their first win in Wroclaw this year.

That did not happen, however, as Costa Runejoy’s players performed well in the second half. In the 51st minute Masjid Suravsky equalized with a header. It looks like Madage Putnoki could have better intervened in this shot. After this victory, Pogoń won, which could have taken the lead several times, but the last pass disappeared or the Slovak goalkeeper intervened well.

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The Szczecin players played better on the wings in the final minutes, consistently beating Silesia’s goal. Michael Kucharsik and Wahan Pisachian got to know each other well after entering the pitch. Durek’s players focused on frightening counter – attacks that did not turn into 100% chances. In the end, the match ended 1-1, despite the fact that Piotr Parsiக்ek might have scored a goal in extra time. However, his tough shot was saved by Butnoki, who recovered himself for a mistake early in the second half.

After the draw, Silesia are 15th with 34 points. If they beat Wisa Jagiellonia on Saturday evening, the advantage of the zone that Wrocław’s team has been pushed to will be reduced to one point. The pursuit is in third place with 63 points on the count. The loss with the lead is two points, but both Lech and Rakov will play on Sundays.