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100,000 players on Steam thanks to Sunbreak and the sale

100,000 players on Steam thanks to Sunbreak and the sale

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Monster Hunter Rise received Sunbreak DLC on June 30. This seems to rekindle the love of gamers, because Rise is not only among the best sellers on Steam. Currently, the wild beast hunt can look forward to more than 100,000 users simultaneously on the servers.

Monster Hunter Rise recently received its first DLC, Sunbreak. Monster Hunter Rise was released in March 2021 and was also released on PC in January via Valve Steam. DLC Sunbreak brings not only new adventures, but also the rank of Master known from other parts of the franchise and some new opponents. The new content seems to be well received by players.

New and Selling Good Downloadable Content for Monster Hunter Rise

The main game, Monster Hunter Rise, is currently off a whopping 45 percent on Steam due to Capcom’s summer sale. Instead of €59.99, those interested in the RPG currently only have to pay €30.59. Sunbreak DLC has been available since June 30 and costs €39.99.

The sale and release of the new expansion seems to have done Monster Hunter Rise some good. There are currently over 100,000 players simultaneously on the servers (as of June 30, 2022, 9am). That’s just a few users below the all-time high of the main game release. At that time, there were about 135,000 players simultaneously on the servers.

Sunbreak DLC is currently the global bestseller on Steam. However, not all players are happy with the expansion. Of the few reviews provided, 70 percent were positive. However, reports from players complaining of crashes when starting the DLC is on the rise.

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