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13. The pension already paid by ZUS.  To what extent do seniors get 'on hand' in the end?

13. The pension already paid by ZUS. To what extent do seniors get ‘on hand’ in the end?

On April 1, the payment of the additional thirteenth pension began – and the process will continue until the end of the month. Because of the tax changes introduced by the Polish system, the benefit for some senior citizens could have been lower than it was a year ago. How much did ZUS pay as the “thirteen”?

13. Retirement It is an additional benefit paid in the amount of the minimum pension. yes after Index rise due to record inflation, In 2022, the total was 1,338.44 PLN. It was not clear for a long time what the net amount would be for the elderly: due to the rules of the Polish government, some of them were to receive an exemption from personal income tax, and some would pay income tax on the “thirteen”, reducing its amount “in reach”.

This was not the end of the expected complications: some older people, in the annual settlement, the advance on income tax received until the thirteenth pension will be returned if their income does not exceed 30,000 PLN. The problem was resolved by a decision of the Ministry of Finance to fully exempt interest from investment tax. The total of thirteen is a total of 1,338.44 PLN – how much will pensioners have in their hands?

13. Gross and net pension. ZUS payments started

Possible PIT-related chaos from the thirteenth retirement age resulted from the adoption of a PIT-free amount of PLN 30,000. Monthly income of 2,500 PLN is exempt from income tax.

If the “thirteen” with the benefits received by the pensioner is less than this amount, then personal income tax will not be collected. However, tax must be paid on surplus over 2,500 PLN. The issue was eliminated by the decision to exempt the additional benefit from the PIT.

This does not mean, however, that pensioners receive 1,338.44 PLN – the health insurance premium will be deducted from this amount.

This year, the Ministry of Finance stopped collecting tax on the thirteenth pension. Only the health insurance premium of 120.46 PLN will be charged to benefit, so the net thirteen PLN will be 1217.98 – explained the professor. Gertruda Josinska, President of the Social Insurance Institute.

13. An old-age pension shall be payable to anyone who, on March 31, was entitled to an old-age, disability or other long-term pension paid by the Social Insurance Institution. Beneficiaries will receive the funds with the April pension. You do not need to submit any applications for the Thirteen Prize.