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250 whale tunnels in New Zealand

Pilot whales stranded on a previous occasion.  Archive the image.
Pilot whales stranded on a previous occasion. Archive the image.

250 whales have died after being stranded off New Zealand’s Chatham Islands, 80 miles east New Zealand The main islands.

The country’s Nature Conservancy said reports of stranded whales, which are part of the dolphin family, came in on Friday from the northwestern parts of the island.

“We do not actively transport whales in the Chatham Islands due to the risk of shark attacks on both humans and the whales themselves,” the agency said in a statement.

Some of the stranded whales were euthanized so as not to suffer, according to the authority. All dead whales are left to decompose on site.

It is not uncommon for whales to swim on the islands. The largest recorded number was around 1,000 whales in 1918.

Just over two weeks ago, nearly 200 whales died on a beach in the Australian state of Tasmania.

It is not entirely known why collective hyphae of this type occur.

Pilot whales can reach more than six meters in length and are very sociable. Along the coasts of New Zealand, there are about 300 of them stranded annually, and it is not uncommon for groups of 20 to 50 whales to rush in.

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