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3 out of 4 Danish Omikron cases vaccinated twice: ‘rarely get seriously ill’

On Thursday, 16 cases of omicron were reported in Sweden. More – 785 – have been confirmed in neighboring Denmark. The National Serum Institute has now published a review of the vaccination status of those infected.

The vast majority, 76 percent, received two doses, while 7 percent also received a refill dose. 14 percent of cases were reported among the unvaccinated.

Mattie Salberg, pollinator At Karolinska Institutet, one believes that one should not blindly stare at the number of paranormal injuries.

The dangerous thing is not to get infected, and the dangerous thing is to get sick. Those who are vaccinated do not develop an equally serious illness as those who are not vaccinated.

We also see that those who are vaccinated can have less virus if they excrete viruses for a shorter period when infected.

What do you think about the fact that 56 people got infected after taking a third dose?

– It’s the same principle there. They are less likely to get serious diseases. Then it would be interesting to see how long they were infected after the third dose. It takes a week or so before the immune system is fully activated, says Matti Salberg.

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According to the European According to the ECDC, 82 percent of Denmark’s population has been vaccinated with two doses. When 8 out of 10 citizens are vaccinated, it’s also not unexpected that the group will be overrepresented among micro-cases, according to Matti Salberg.

– Many cases are also likely to be through infection tracing. Many of the Danish cases may be from people who haven’t even gotten sick.

What do we know about the effect of vaccination against Omicron?

Preliminary studies have shown that antibodies have a slightly lower ability to neutralize the omicron. But at the same time, it is noted that a third dose of the vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech means that high levels of antibody protection have been reached. The vaccine will work well against Omicron, just like the other variants.

Almost all known cases in Denmark have been reported in the capital region or in central Jutland. In terms of the overall prevalence of infection, the number of micron cases is still few, although the proportion is increasing day by day. On Monday, the last day authorities got numbers, the variant accounted for 3.4 percent of cases, according to the State Serum Institute.

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