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US HD Abortion Law Doesn’t Stop in Texas

US HD Abortion Law Doesn’t Stop in Texas

The wait was intense for the Supreme Court’s decision, which came on Friday, just over a month after it heard arguments from both sides in the dispute.

The judges found that state law had legal force. Abortion is prohibited by law after fetal cardiac activity is observed – about six weeks after conception.

The law went into effect on September 1. Large demonstrations against the law, but also in favor, were held in Texas as well as in other states.

The ruling is seen as a small partial victory for those who provide abortion in the state – and thus those who advocate for abortion rights. The Supreme Court gives abortion clinics the right to try to stop the law at the state’s legal level.

This has been done before, when a federal judge suspended the law. But the fifth appeals court, the Supreme Court, overturned the judge’s decision.

Of the nine Supreme Court justices, six have been appointed by Republican presidents. Evaluators are following HD’s decision closely, to see if judges’ composition is willing to limit the right to abortion.

US President Joe Biden has taken a personal stand on the abortion law and called on the Department of Justice to review the law.

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