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3,000-year-old sword found in Bavaria: an exceptional case

The archaeologists who unearthed it wrote in a statement that the sword is in such good condition that it “almost still shines.” Like the blade, the octagonal handle is made entirely of bronze.

Initial estimates by the authorities indicate that the sword dates back to the fourteenth century BC. It was found in the Bavarian city of Nordlingen in southern Germany during excavations last week. Along with the remains of three people – a man, a woman and a boy – the sword was found in a tomb.

– Further investigation of the sword and burial site must be carried out so that our archaeologists can classify the finds more accurately. But now we can say that the state of preservation is exceptional.

That’s rare Swords from the Bronze Age have been found, but some of them were found in connection with the opening of ancient tombs in the 19th century.

Bavarian archaeologists hypothesize that the sword was made for combat rather than just as a form of decoration. The type of sword, distinguished by its octagonal handle, is believed to have been manufactured in two places, partly in the southern parts of Germany and partly in the northern parts of the country and Denmark. Among other things, the researchers hope to learn more precisely where the sword was made in Nordlingen upon closer examination.

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