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SFP’s get to pick their favorite wallet – the verdict of real Finns on immigration, economics, and business

The 19th governor in Peteri Urbus The government is distributed so that the Samlingsparty gets eight ministerial portfolios and the True Finns get seven ministerial portfolios. The Swedish People’s Party gets 2.5 bags and the Christian Democrats get 1.5 bags.

The coalition party will of course get the prime minister’s portfolio, and it obviously goes to party chairman Petteri Urbu. His party also holds seven other ministerial portfolios: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, Minister of Labor, Minister of Climate and Environment, Minister of Municipalities and Regions, Minister of Social Security, and Minister of Culture. Sciences.

Real Finns hold the portfolios of Minister of Finance, Minister of Business, Minister of Justice, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Trade and Aid, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, and Minister of Communications.

Sari Isaiah will be available to all members of the Prime Minister’s Office Riikka Purra square was välja finansministerfölje.

This means that real Finns are deeply interested in tax policy and immigration issues. It is noteworthy that the other parties give up an important portfolio from the Minister of Justice to the real Finns.

The Swedish People’s Party receives the portfolio of Minister of Education, which also includes Nordic issues. It is the party’s perpetual dream portfolio and one of the few clear successes of the SFP, in terms of portfolio distribution and the assurances and ethos of the government’s programme.

As a second portfolio, the SFP gets a lighter European minister’s portfolio, which also includes responsibility for managing state property. The SFP receives a newly created portfolio of sports and youth issues for another two years.

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The last portfolio will be shared by the SFP with the KD, with the SFP for the first two years of the government period and the KD for the last two years. In addition, KD receives the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

The parties must decide internally how to distribute their portfolios. Knowing which parties get the purses, one might assume that Elena Valtonen He is a hot candidate for the foreign minister portfolio. It is also likely to be You are Hakanin defense minister.

Vil Taveo is likely to become aid minister in a government that cuts and redistributes development aid so that more of it goes to boosting export opportunities for Finnish companies and less and less goes to helping the world’s needy.

Rica Peora She is expected to take over the Finance Minister’s portfolio, although she may also choose the Business Minister’s portfolio. Lena Miri Tends to become the Minister of Justice and Taveo City Minister of Foreign Trade and Aid, according to HBL sources.

It is unclear how the SFP distributes ministerial portfolios. It is likely that he will become the party leader Anna Maja Henrickson Minister of Education, but the party will take a decision on that later.

Sari Sayeh He will certainly become Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.