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Niebezpieczna sytuacja podczas treningu w Oberstdorfie. Polski skoczek Jakub Wolny miał kłopoty podczas pierwszego skoku treningowego – w trakcie lotu wypięła mu się narta. Na szczęście, udało mu się bezpiecznie wylądować.

4-Hills-Match: The Polish jumper experienced a moment of terror

Dangerous situation during training at Oberstdorf. Polish jumper Jakub Walny had problems during his first training jump – his ski was unimpeded during the flight. Fortunately, he was able to land safely.

The tragic incident happened on Saturday 28 December during the first exercise at Scottenbergshans in Oberstorf. Shortly after leaving the gate, Jacob Walney was separated from the ankle boot and held only in the ski safety structure.

Sky felt my way hard. I completely lost control of her. I started running to the left. It was impressive Volney told reporters. The pole jumped 93.5 meters.

For the second training tab, the veterans made changes that were an attempt to pass, Onet writes. In the qualifiers, Walney finished 21st and will face Stephen Hula in the first round.

Austrian Stephen Croft qualified Saturday. Rio Kopayashi of Japan, the overall leader of the World Cup, was fourth. He was the best pole Pyotr yłaIt came ninth.

Sunday, in the first series,Shia survivor Norway Anders Hoare will face Kubaki Austrian Michael Habok, Stoke will fight for promotion to the final series with Canadian McKenzie Boyd-Gloves, and coat with Slovenian Victor Boloski. The rival of the Kraft qualifier was his comrade Gregor Sclerens.

The match starts at 5:30 p.m.

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