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Carolina Corvin was vaccinated by Piotrovska. Happiness mixes with drama. Moving statement from the national arena – Super Express

Author: AKBA

Carolina Corvin Pyotrovska (50 years old) was vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer product. He said it on social media. The journalist spoke about the vaccine study at the National Stadium. In Corvin Pyotrovska’s account, joy is mixed with drama. The journalist said about the patients connected with special devices. One of them is close to her. See Corvin Pyotrovska’s Moving Report.

Carolina Corvin Pyotrovska, a radio and television journalist and columnist, announced that she had been vaccinated with the first dose of Pfizer’s product. He showed photos from the national arena on Instagram because he was vaccinated. He explained how the whole procedure works there:

It’s all like clockwork today. You should arrive 15 minutes before the time given in the SMS and then spend about an hour and a half leaving the venue to the sun thinking it will be beautiful in May. We can go to the cinema, to a concert, we will have fun, kiss and live.

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The journalist also said what he saw “on the other side of the floor”. It’s about the sick who lie nationally.

– A friend of mine who wrote today sat on the bed without help for the first time in a very long time. He ate something by himself. It will still be there. Longer than him. Once I was learning to walk, stand, eat myself, and stand in line for life on the other side of the motherboard, I thought I didn’t want to do it a second time. We will all be healthy. Patient. It will soon be summer.