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5: 0! Rot-Weiss convinces Essen in first audition at Kickers Emden

On Friday night, Rot-Weiss Essen played the first test match of the summer preparations. The rookie third division team won easily 5-0 (3-0).

A perfect start for Rot Weiss Essen, the new coach Christopher Dabrowski New signing Ron Berlinski: In the Ostfriesland Super Cup preliminary match against Kickers Emden, who promoted to the regional league, RWE easily won 5-0 (3-0) on Friday night at Ostfriesland Stadium.

Kickers Emden vs. Rot Weiss Essen: Match on RS Live Tape

Kickers Emden – Ayman 0:5

Essen’s team, which, along with Berlinski, had newcomers Bjorn Rother and Uriel Lobongo in the starting line-up, did not find their rhythm for long after 41 days without a competitive match. After RWE goalkeeper Jacob Jules frustrated the home side’s opportunity in the early stages, Essen took over.

In the well-known 4-2-3-1 system, RWE dominated since the 10th minute. Objectives followed immediately. First, Yannick Langesberg climbed high after a corner kick from Cedric Harnbrook and nodded to make the score 1-0 (14). Then Berlinsky met his new employer for the first time. The striker, who kept his defense very busy, dusted off after a brilliant attack on the left. By the way, Fabian Roth made a very positive impression as a linebacker. RWE followed suit in the 34th minute. An eye-catching Harrenbrueck served up Thomas Esfeld and the former Bochum native confidently turned with a low shot to make it 3-0 – the clear and well-deserved first-half lead for an eager Essen side against extremely passive kicks.

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Dabrowski made a lively change at the break, but red and white’s dominance remained. This was due to the substitute Oguzhan Kefkir. First he failed with a low shot, then he shone as a preparer. His free kick from the middle of the right half found the head of young defender Mustafa Koroma – 4: 0 (52). Eight minutes later, he increased his sense of the ball with a Simon Engelmann shot from a cross pass straight in from the left: the attacker lunged from a few meters away to make it 5-0 (60).

Meanwhile, RWE, who is back in a three-man streak, remained crucial in the match and is clearly off the gas compared to the first round. In the end, it was a deserved 5-0 friendly win against a weak opponent. The Essen team will continue with the next test on Saturday. In Wiener (near Leer) it is against the Rhineland selection (start at 4pm).

Rot Weiss Essen: List

RWE: Jules, Langsberg, Rother, Harrenbrook, Berlinski, Blechati, Lubongo, Rios Alonso, Young, Isfield, Ruth.

the other half: Wienand, Herzenbruch, Dürholtz, Holzweiler, Engelmann, Heber, Kourouma, Krasniqi, Subscribe, Tarnat, Kefkir.

The third division league schedule was published on Friday. Read here what RWE looks like.

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