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Wonderful World Cup Medal for Poland.  What did you do ?!

Wonderful World Cup Medal for Poland. What did you do ?!

Katarzyna Zdziebło is a silver medalist at the World Championships in Athletics, walking 20 km! The 25-year-old has done an amazing job and is the most successful career of her career. This is the first medal of the Polish national team at the World Cup in Eugene.

Tomasz Skrzypczyński

Katarzina Gedzibau

Getty Images / Pictured: Katarzyna Zdziebło

Katarzyna Zdziebło boldly declared that in Eugene she is ready to fight for places in the top ten in the 20 km walk. The sixth contender in the world rankings decided to take a risk from the start and quickly found herself in the lead.

The opponents imposed a very strong rhythm, but our player did not give up and remained in the lead. After six kilometers, the Polish woman broke up with the group and was the only one who followed the two leaders – Leon Biro and Chiang from China.

With each subsequent kilometer, the competition born in Melek slowly increased its supremacy over the competitors behind it. In the thirteenth kilometer, more than 40 seconds have passed!

Despite the tremendous effort, Katarzina Zdzibao not only withstood the hardships of the distance, but 4km before the finish line, she crossed China and reached the finish line in second place, taking a great silver medal! This is Poland’s first album at the World Championships in Eugene.

So far, the 25-year-old’s greatest success has been the bronze medal in the team’s World Cup this year.

Let’s add that the 25-year-old broke the Polish record (1:27.31 seconds)! It improved it by 87 seconds, which until today is owned by Agnieszka Dygacz (1:28:58 in 2014). The gold medal was won by Kimberly Garcia Leon, who also broke the record for her country (Peru) with a score of 1:26.58 seconds.

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