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5-star Aloy Makers from Horizon Zero Dawn

5-star Aloy Makers from Horizon Zero Dawn

From Susan Brown
Are you still involved in Gacha Genshin Impact? Yes? Do you want to have a free 5-star hero? good! Because for a limited time, you’ll get a free Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and a 4-star bow as part of the collaboration! Grab a savior from another world.

In the RPG Genshin Impact, the best performers are the heroes who have 5-star quality. At the beginning of the game, we explained to you how this works with the hero lottery and Genshin’s gatcha concept. With the release of the new expansion by Genshin Impact, which triggered the Inazuma region, a new hero is playing with update 2.1 on Playstation consoles and with update 2.2 on all other platforms, which you can get for free for a limited time – with 5 stars.

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn for warmth

The savior of another world, who plays everywhere with update 2.1 for Playstations and update 2.2, is none other than Aloy from Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy joins the hunt to explore Teyvat with you and comes not only with her legendary bow skill, but also with the Cryoforce God Eye to use core powers in combat and during exploration. In addition to Aloy himself, there is also a free 4-star arc in the game, which gives Aloy a special bonus.

Genshin Effect: Big Summer Update Presented in the Trailer

How to get Aloy in Genshin

Players of Adventure Level 20 on Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 Aloy will receive update 2.1 via an in-game message. Players using other platforms get Aloy from Adventure Level 20 from Update 2.2. Remember: Aloy will be free for a limited time only. How and whether you can still get Aloy after the promotion is unknown – but it can be added to the lottery.

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