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500 freight trains installed after stopping across Siberia

After frantic repair work in Transbaikal, the regional government on Monday announced the opening of a route again across the Arida River. This means that traffic can resume on the week-long flight between Moscow and Vladivostok.

For passenger trains, the situation is said to be under control – already when the bridge disappeared last week, passengers were reportedly evacuated from trains on the line, and were able to travel further afield in other ways.

But the pause, which lasted several days, will have consequences for the giant Russian railway network. Many freight trains have been parked in remote areas, and it takes a long time to run. Transport Minister Vitaly Saveljeev, according to the Interfax news agency, said that the railway company RZD “has been instructed to temporarily restart all fixed freight trains in the coming weeks”.

It is reported that Saveljeev said in a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Misjestin that there are 526 freight trains.

Hundreds of thousands of containers and other cargo are transported on Russian Railways every month. But what kind of goods on board the affected trains is now unclear.

Facts: Famous Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is famous for being the longest continuous train journey in the world, the Moscow – Vladivostok journey is 9,259 kilometers long and takes just over a week. When it comes to passenger trains, many tourists prefer to travel between Moscow and Beijing, which is somewhat shorter; 7,621 kilometers through Mongolia, or 8,986 kilometers for those taking the lesser known Transmanchuria Route.

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