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A cockroach greeted Karl Friede Kleberg at SVT Morgonstudion

American choir Carl Friede Kleberg received an unexpected salute

SVT reporter Carl Friede Kleberg reports on the latest news from the US Congress.

But viewers saw only one thing: a giant cockroach crawled on his shoulder.

We’ve talked a lot about being in the environment and now even the environment is in place, says Carl Fridh Kleberg.

Several TV viewers may have put their morning coffee down their throats as Morgonstudio reports Tuesday morning about the latest congressional questioning after the storming of the Capitol.

Perhaps because of what the US reporter Carl Friede Kleberg can say that Donald Trump former advisor Steve Bannon He will testify before Congress. But most likely for a completely different reason.

Many people may not have heard a word from the Kleiberg report, after a huge cockroach suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

TV viewers can see how the pest crawled along Kleberg’s shoulder, disappeared behind his back for a short second and then darted down over the anterior shoulder area. But during the live broadcast, Carl Fridh Kleberg doesn’t seem to react to the insects’ unexpected visit.

Instead, keep quietly reporting from California and responding to newscasters Anne Britt Reed Peterson And the Doosan Omicefix Questions.

“The interesting thing was that it was my nerves of steel that did something, unfortunately this is not really the truth,” says Karl Friede Kleberg.

The cockroach appeared on the shirt of SVT reporter Carl Fridh Kleberg …

… ran on the shoulder in front of the eyes of TV viewers …

Saw only then – “maybe just as good”

Just before the broadcast, he saw something like “a little frog jumping on the ground.”

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– On closer examination, it turned out to be something completely different, which caused some discomfort, but I did not think about it anymore. However, after the broadcast, a colleague heard from me a photo and only then did I see the cockroach.

– which might have been good, to be honest.

The picky eater who thought he was going to wave the bug while the SVT instead showed TV images from Congressional interrogations for 25 seconds, hoped in vain, because when the seasoned foreign reporter was seen in the photo again, the animal was still on his shoulder for 25 seconds. A few seconds before the cockroach finally flew away.

…and again on Kleiberg’s front shoulder, while the seasoned television reporter continued to report on the US Congress unimpressed.

Download the mask illustrator

In Fresno, California, there are several species of large crickets, both indoors and outdoors, says Carl Friede Kleberg.

There’s a lot to say about California, maybe not exactly that.

How do you feel about it now and have you had any reactions to it?

So, I understand you’re reacting and maybe I could have done that as well. My colleague Marcus Ljungholm did it, although, as a photographer, he kept the mask wisely.

In wars or conflicts, you think a lot about how you would react when an explosion or an aircraft alarm occurred. However, don’t think directly about the cockroach scenario, you probably should.