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Russian botnet attacks on infrastructure in Ukraine – several fatalities

Russian botnet attacks on infrastructure in Ukraine – several fatalities

Since last fall, Russia has stepped up its attacks on the infrastructure. This has led, among other things, to frequent and widespread power outages and problems with heating and water for Ukrainian households.

Strategy leads to small military successes But great suffering for civiliansaccording to critics.

“It was a difficult night. Massive attack across the country,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in a telegram.

He also wrote that the attacks are a way to “terrorize civilians”.

Critical infrastructure has been damaged

In total, ten Ukrainian districts were subjected to bot attacks. A total of 81 robots and 8 so-called kamikaze drones had to be launched, but the majority of them had to be shot down by air defense, according to the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, critical infrastructure has been damaged in several places. Ukrainian authorities are silent on the details of the damage, but among other things, it was said that electrical installations and local heating plants were damaged.

In Kiev, 40 percent of homes were without heat and electricity on Thursday morning.

Rescue work in a bombed-out apartment building in Lviv province. picture: State Rescue Service of Ukraine

Several residential buildings were also reported to have been hit in the Russian bombing. Among others, in the Lviv province in the west, where at least five people were killed.

The Kremlin: En hämndaktion

For its part, Russia claims tonight’s attacks are retaliation for an event that occurred just over a week ago. Then, according to the Kremlin’s statement, “Ukrainian saboteurs” should carried out an attack deep into Russian lands. Ukraine denied any role.

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