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A decent right faces global extinction

Once upon a time Alf Svensson’s clean political body

Aftonbladet opening page Independently a social democrat.

Republican politician JD Vance He was known to this day primarily as a writer. His autobiography, The Hillbilly Elegy, is about growing up in the poor and chaotic environment of the working class in the countryside in Ohiobecame a movie. Some say the story tells something about how the United States can fall in love with Trump.

Now Vance will be the Republican nominee for Senate this fall in Ohio.

His campaign broke records when it came to money. No one previously invested $66 million running for the Ohio election. But coffers don’t seem to be the main explanation for the author’s and venture capital’s ability to defeat his rivals.

Trump support

According to all the comments, it was the support of Donald Trump that decided yesterday’s primary in Ohio.

The storming of Congress in January 2021 doesn’t seem to matter. No, the courts’ repeated statements that Trump lost the 2020 election either. The former president holds the American right with an iron fist. Candidates who take it upon themselves to suspect his fantasies about election fraud and other things stand no chance.

And it may not just be Ohio or the United States.

All over the world

Examples can be taken from all over the world. While Magdalena Anderson discussed Russia with Narendra Modi in Copenhagen, pressure on minorities in if. In France he took care Marine Le Pen All the way up to the last round of the presidential election and in the UK, it looks like Boris Johnson is ready to shake off another scandal. In Hungary, Viktor Orban continues his work to dismantle liberal democracy.

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In our country, the situation is not much better.

As long as the Christian Democrats have had some influence in Swedish politics, decency has been the main characteristic of the party. Alf Svensson With his gentle voice and good-looking hairstyle, he personified the purified politician for decades. Göran Haglund and his gentle counterpart Varmlandian made himself known as one of the greatest bridge-builders in Swedish politics.

Gap laughs with the populists

Today, CDU leaders are urging police to shoot protesters sharply, driving a wedge with right-wing populists and allowing their supporters to go after journalists online.

And Ulf Christerson, who is the prime minister, says he understands.

Trump could not have done better.

There is reason to wonder whether the respectable bourgeoisie is not facing global extinction. Unfortunately, there is no bailout in sight.